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What are natural carpets made of?

Natural carpets are floor coverings made from materials that are considered sustainable and renewable. Our natural carpets are plant-based, so you know you're choosing the eco friendly option. They are often undyed, unprocessed and consist of raw products such as seagrass, jute, coir and sisal. They all have their own benefits and usually add a beautiful, rustic feel to any home. Natural, plant fibre carpets usually span a wide range of natural tones, which is part of what makes them so popular.

What is the best natural carpet?

When it comes to deciding the best natural carpet for your home, this can be very subjective dependent on your situation. If you're looking for a hard wearing and durable natural carpet, then a sisal carpet would be our recommendation. Alternatively, if you're looking for softness in your home then a jute carpet might be the best option. The possibilities when it comes to natural carpets are most certainly endless. Welcome to feel-good flooring. If you had to make us choose, hero of the hallway, saviour of stairs, exotic sisal carpets are the smart, sustainable choice anywhere feet fall freely in your home. Made from natural agave fibres, sisal’s natural serenity blows in like a breeze off the Mexican Gulf.

What is the softest natural carpet?

A silky-soft jute carpet is the softest natural carpet you can get for your home. The plant is naturally soft, with fibres that are spun, bundled and soaked in water which only adds to their luxurious softness. It won't irritate the skin and jute rugs are naturally moth resistant. It may even be the most eco thing you can put on your floor! This natural flooring has maximum sustainability creds and is perfect for Bedrooms, with chunky jute options being ideal for dining rooms and lounge spaces.

Are natural carpets environmentally friendly?

Yes, natural carpets are environmentally friendly due to their eco qualities. All of our natural carpet fibres are ethically sourced and as an extra step, we have our planet pledge where we have partnered with Ecologi; giving back to other countries through various climate positive projects. We use recycled and recyclable packaging as well as FSC accredited sources, and we plant a tree for every sample ordered on our website in our Alternative Forest. Doing the right thing means the world to us. We are carpetmakers with a conscience, and like to be totally transparent about everything we do. We use ethically-sourced natural fibres wherever we can and build longlasting relationships with our farmers, graders, spinners, weavers, dyers, designers and manufacturers.

How to clean natural fibre carpet?

We do not recommend using water or steam extraction for natural plant fibre and delicate floor coverings. Natural fibres such as jute, coir, seagrass and sisal contain natural colouring that is not colourfast. Jute can be particularly susceptible to colour loss through bleaching.

To avoid spots, spills and stains from becoming permanent, clean them up as soon as they occur. Please be aware that some things can immediately stain (or remove colour from) the floor covering permanently and this can not be reversed. If you are entertaining, don’t wait until your guests have gone - speed is of the essence.

As with any spill or potential stain, it’s vital to blot the area with a clean cloth as soon as it occurs. Remember not to use anything like dish washing liquid or other cleaning agents that were not meant for carpets as this can leave behind an unpleasant residue which could spoil the natural carpet.

We've partnered with WoolSafe, our cleaning partner who is able to give expert advice when it comes to cleaning natural fibre carpets. Our Natural Flooring Care Kits are also WoolSafe approved for use on natural fibre floor coverings. Click here to find out more.

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