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People & Communities

The Alternative vision for people and communities is to provide safe and sustainable outcomes for our employees, supply chain partners, clients and communities. We want to make Alternative Flooring a great inclusive place to work, where all employees feel happy and can develop long term careers. The wellbeing of our employees comes first, after all we are only as extraordinary as our people.

We support communities by providing jobs in the UK and world -wide but especially in Africa, Asia, and Europe where many of our supply chain partners are based.


​We grow upwards and outwards. We cultivate a business that recognises the benefits of attracting people from diverse backgrounds. It is our aim to achieve a balanced gender ratio and an ethnicity ratio that is representative of the area in which we work.

Employee Retention

​We want to keep hold of the best. Providing training and professional development ensures that Alternative Flooring is a diverse and an inclusive place to work, where team members feel supported and can access a range of benefits, which contribute to making us a better employer all round.

Health & Safety

​Keeping everyone safe is our overriding goal. Alternative Flooring is committed to minimising the Accident Incidence Rate of all employees, through risk assessments, regular training. All on-site activities are approached with a strong focus on compliance in all areas of operation.


​Doing the right thing means the world to us. We make carpets with a conscience, being transparent about what’s in our products and using ethically sourced natural fibres wherever we can.

Where hard-wearing synthetic fabrics are the only practical option, our timeless designs and production quality can be trusted to last, cutting the resource cost of wasteful replacements. We see it as smart sustainability.

Alternative Flooring is committed to reducing negative environmental impact across all areas of operation, both in our office and warehouse. Let’s just say we like to leave things better than we find them.

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